Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to be scared that could be banned by the creators if the game from my game?

A: You will never be banned for using our hacks, just remember to  use the proxy and anti ban services. All of our hack tools have ultra strong Anti-Ban Shield that will guard you from anyone who wants so see if you are cheating. Our Proxy service will improve that protection as well. You are completely free to use our Hack Tools and Cheats.

Q: Can I use your hack tools if i haven’t Jailbroken or Rooted my device?

A: Of course you can. Jailbreaking and Rooting is not needed for our advanced Hack Tool to work.


Q: How exactly is your hack going to generate items for my app on my phone?

A: When you are entering a username, you need to type your Google Play or GameCenter username or your email adress. Our hack tools will connect to the games database and locate your username or email. After that it will link up with it using our servers and add the desired amount of items to your account. All cheats and our hack tools are server based and don’t need to be installed to your computer or other devices. As we already said, you all always protected when you use our Hacks Also our hack and cheats tool will work for both the iOS devices and Android devices.

Q: How can I get the Activation Key to activate the Hack Tool?

A: It’s easy. When you generate items and add fetures with out hack, you will be asked to enter your own Activation Key for this specific hack tool. If you have it, then you can enter it in and press “Activate”. If you don’t have our unique Activation Key, then you will be able to download it by following one of the given options that will appear for you, and on some of them you will need to confirm that you are a human and not a spammer.

Q: When I download Activation Key, how many times and on how many games can I use it?

A: Once you get your unique Activation Key, you can use it for unlimited amount of times and generate unlimited items and resources with it. But you can only use it for one game, if you want to get another hack for another game you need to get a new Activation Key for that game.

Q: Why do I have to download and use Activation Key?

A: Activation Key will add an aditonal level of security for the users of our Hack Tools. Each Activation Key is unique and will give you access to our Server-based Hack Tools. Once you enter your Activation Key, your access point will activate automatically and all of the items that were generated will be transfered and added safely to your account.